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2nd Retiree from IDI:)

Last week, IDI celebrated Brenda Martin’s retirement with a luncheon and award presentation. We had some great tacos, vegetable pizza, chips and salsa, and plenty of sweets. Brenda was a fantastic coworker at IDI. She lived out our Core Values at IDI. She was full of integrity and as dependable as they come which is what a winning team […]


Inventory Specials!!

So the New Year is rolling around and I’m super excited about it!  2014 was great and we made some great strides as a company.  One of the things I had the most fun with was our inventory.  I have always looked at it as a bad thing but it has been so much fun […]


It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas is only 3 weeks away. Let that sink in for a minute. If you are anything like me you might wake up some mornings thinking it is still October. The older I get the faster the year seems to fly by. I remember as a kid, though, that Christmas seemed to take FOREVER to […]


IDI | KCMA Dallas

IDI | KCMA DALLAS So I wanted to report on one of my favorite things to do. IDI just recently attended the KCMA in Dallas. For those of you out there that do not know that association, it is the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers of America. This is an association made up of the finest cabinet […]


Moving Forward

Moving Forward  The Great Recession was very tough on many families in America. No one was exempt from either the housing crisis, the crash of the stock market, high fuel prices, health care uncertainty, and other turmoil around the world. We at IDI feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Housing […]