IHLA Meeting | Indianapolis 2015

Great week in the awesome city of Indianapolis for the Lumbermen to meet!  IHLA was this week! For those of you that don’t know, it is the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association.  Everyone that is a player in the Hardwood lumber business comes to this event.  From what I understand, it is larger than the National Association.  That is pretty cool for our state.  And I must mention that the woodworking industry (hardwood and secondary,such as cabinets) is the largest industry in the state.  Larger than farming, automotive, steel, etc!  Bet you didn’t know that.

Well, this year’s event was my 2nd.  After going last year, I had to go again.  I made so many good connections.  This event is the best hardwood event for networking.   First of all, it is a place where I can see all our vendors in one place.  They really go out of there way for us and we really love and appreciate them.  Secondly, I got some great sales leads!  I bet the top 2 or 3 cabinet, furniture, flooring and wood products manufacturers were there wanting to connect with suppliers and make new friends.  There is so much optimism out there that folks are prepping for a couple great years on the horizon.  I don’t know that I ran into anyone that was not doing well and seeing major improvements in their businesses.  I also stayed and listened to a couple speaker discussing hot topics in the industry. We have all kinds of crazy stuff going on from brown eared bats messing with harvesting of timber to insurance companies threatening that they will drop the industry if they don’t get safer.  IHLA brings the best speakers so that is always nice.

Another great thing was the food!  There are some great restaurants down in Indianapolis.  I had a really good omelet at the Mariott for breakfast.

Get ready folks, things are taking off, buckle your seat belts.


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