There is much happening within IDI. We recently started new production hours. We are now running production from 5:00am to 1:30pm Monday thru Friday. We originally made this change due to extreme outdoor heat and heat within the factory. We want all our employees to be safe and healthy and with such RAVE REVIEWS and POSITIVE FEEDBACK, we have since decided to keep these hours of production because it is important to us that our employees are not only healthy but happy. We know that life is busy and raising families requires some flexibility. Having said that, we have decided to keep these hours of production to better meet the needs of our employees and their families. This will allow for employees to make doctor appointments and allow for other appointments to be made after work and it will allow for more time at home in the afternoon hours for children and family time. Our customers come first, but we also make our employees a priority in order to continue to provide excellent products and customer service to our customers. We believe that if we treat others right, God will honor our business and bless everyone involved. If you haven’t checked out our business please feel free to browse our website. If you’re looking to join our team and want to be part of a work family, please tell us about yourself on the employment tab and come in and fill out an application. We would love to meet you!


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