In 2023 Indiana Dimension host the KCMA Conference.  


History: We’ve Been Around.

Way back in 1990. Indiana Dimension, Inc., IDI, was founded by Milt Cole and Roy Rentschler as a sister company to Cole Hardwood – our next door neighbor. They saw a need for a quality-focused and service-driven hardwood components producer that manufacturers could outsource to with confidence. Plus, they saw the big advantage of being located in the heart of the Midwest where some of the finest hardwood grows.

Bingo. They were right on both counts.

Today, IDI has over 20 years of experience producing hardwood components for wood product manufacturers nationwide. Just as important, we have produced solid relationships with our customers along the way.


Capabilities: “Yes, We Can” 

At IDI our breadth of capabilities allow us to perform at a variety of stages depending on customer needs.

Whether producing ready-to-assemble fully-machined components to rough-milled panels, simple or complex designs, or meeting loose or precise tolerances, IDI can do it. And do it well.

  • Rough Mill with Computerized Rip/Chop Lines for efficiency +
  • Moulding stations feature Diamond Tooling, Accurate Trimmers, and Double End Tenoner for coping with virtually Zero Tear Out
  • Edge Gluing with Automated Color Match and Water-Based Glues
  • Edge Profiling with Single and Double End Tenoners for Shaping, Sanding and Diamond Edge Profiling
  • Sanding includes 150 Grit Cemco Planer Sand or 180 Grit Timesaver Finish Sand
  • CNC Routing
  • Environmentally Friendly Finishing with a Water Base, Virtually Zero VOC, and No Formaldehyde

Capacities: From Small To Humongous.

Whoever said you can’t be everything to everyone? At IDI, our facility layout, production lines, and workforce scheduling gives us greater versatility than our competitors. We can Gear UP to deliver the most demanding quantities (we haven’t reached our limit, yet) and turnaround requirements – without sacrificing quality. Or we can Gear DOWN to produce smaller, limited orders, too.

Give us a call, and we just may surprise you.


Technology: IDI Saves Big Bucks.

IDI is way ahead of the curve with our technology and proud of it. Fact is, we have some of the most advanced equipment in the industry today with our eye on tomorrow. We’re talking all the bells and whistles. The real good news is that, because we spend millions and millions of dollars on equipment, our customers don’t need to. This saves capital and labor to boost bottom lines.

Better yet, we have advanced quality processes to go along with all our technology. We’re talking from order input and tracking to outgoing inspections and on-time deliveries. Every step of the way is fine-tuned to help assure optimum results.

Core Values:  Drives

Our Core Purpose is:

To Use the Business to do God’s Will and Make People’s Lives Better and Benefit the Communities in which we are involved

Dedicated At IDI, we are all about dedication.  We are dedicated to giving employees a safe place to work where they are appreciated and rewarded.  In return, they are dedicated to meeting impeccable work standards and an unwavering commitment to quality control.

Responsive Every employee must respond to each other’s needs and help and support when needed.  It is the family-way of doing things here at IDI.  We listen to our customers the very same way and respond to their critical scheduling demands.

Integrity Integrity is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles.  People who demonstrate integrity draw others to them because they are trustworthy, dependable and behave in honorable way even when no one is watching.  Every IDI employee must have and exercise the highest integrity which is the same level of integrity we are known for in the industry.

Value Each and every employee must remember that they are of great value to the company, to the person next to them, and ultimately, the customer.  By increasing their value, our employees motivate others to do the same and together the company reaches new heights of success.  IDI continues to in lead in our industry thanks to our employees.

Enterprising When you are enterprising, the result is innovation.  Being creative, showing initiative, and willing to undertake new projects and ideas.  By doing tasking differently, outstanding results can be achieved.  At IDI we consider ourselves limitless.  This is how we discover better ways for us and our customers to raise the bar in quality and efficiency.

Safety The workplace must be a safe place and optimum safety is only made possible by every employee taking responsibility.  Safety means taking responsibility for being focused and alert at all times, wearing protective gear, proper operation of machinery and being accountable for keeping work areas clean and stumble-free.  Every IDI employee must do whatever it takes to help eliminate dangers and accidents at work.