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At IDI, we pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our hardwood.  After all, we are in the Midwest where the best hardwoods are grown.  Plus, we have one of the leading hardwood suppliers, Cole Hardwood, just a stone’s throw away. So, go ahead, be choosy.

Poplar trees grow taller than any other U.S. hardwood species. The yellow poplar grows quickly into a tall straight tree. The wood is lightweight and soft for a hardwood but it is strong, durable and seasons well.

  • ColorWhite to yellowish cast, sometimes with slightly greenish cast and occasionally with dark purplish streaks.
  • Grain Straight grained and evenly textured.
  • CharacteristicsComparatively uniform texture, light to medium weight, excellent strength and stability. It cuts and sands well, keeps its’ edge and resists splitting.
  • Finishing Stains well and can easily be made to resemble walnut or maple.